Hill's Chapel Leadership

Pastor - 

Keith Sherrill

Pastor Keith is in the office throughout the week Monday-Thursday, his hours varies due to appointments and meetings. Pastor Keith's cell is 980-721-5467 and his email is ksherrill2@wnccumc.net he is always available calls, texts and emails.

Administrative Assistant

Courtney Thompson

    Office hours:       9:30am-2:30pm   Monday, Tuesday and Thursdays 

Children's Coordinator 

Alix Turner- Hi, my name is Alix Turner and I have been a member of Hill's Chapel for my whole life. I work as a third grade teacher and have a passion for kids. As a child, I attended the wonderful children's events my church offered me such as a monthly Kids Klub and VBS and I can't wait to be able to provide those services as an adult. I look forward to spreading God's Word and empowering kids to do the same!