Monthly Events

September Events


Tuesday - 9/5 - 6:30pm Trustees Meeting

Tuesday - 9/12 - 6pm 2nd Tuesday dinner

Wednesday - 9/13- 10am Gardening Club

Thursday - 9/14- 6:30pm Finance Committee Meeting

Friday - 9/15 - 6pm-9pm Kids Klub/PNO

Sunday - 9/17 - 10am Homecoming

Thursday - 9/21- 6:30pm Church Council Committee Meeting

Thursday - 9/28- 6:30pm SPRC Committee Meeting

Homecoming is fast approaching! We hope you will be able to join us. We will have several main dish options and a few sides for those who do not wish to make food. However, we would love for anyone who wishes to bring their favorite dishes and   desserts to do so.

Upcoming Future Events